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Newbie's Vacation in Baghdad with the Big Guy!

Newbie lands at Baghdad Airport
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Where he is met by Gen. Franks
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Newb relaxing at his new vacation home after his long trip
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We are all invited to a reunion party by the pool!
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Dion Potter as he is today!
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Sent in by William LaPoint

Thank you very much!!

Airmen Club
Front T. Emdy, left to right D. fenton, Unknown, Mike, F. Musk, D. McKinney
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Airmen Club
D. McKinney, B. LaPoint, T. Emdy  D. Fenton
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J. Lauer, B. LaPoint
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L. Lyke, G. Lyke, B. LaPoint, D. LaPoint
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7406 Ground Power
Scotty, Will, Sgt. Leathers. Unknown, Unknown, Margreet Leatheres in front
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Sent in by Gary Beadle who got it from Rusty Mulligan


6916th's 1000th Mission

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Sent in by John Housewright

Thanksgiving Day 2002 - Crew Picture
12th Expeditionary Intelligence Squadron
Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia

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Thanksgiving Day 2002 - Engine Fire

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Sent in by Ron Agle (aka Goldeagle)

This is a copy of the orders for the first group to be PCS'd to Athens.  Everyone else there at the time was TDY (as far as I know).  They changed everyone's status pretty quickly after December

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Sent in by Robb Wade

Taken right after he had joined the '16th, probably in late '86.

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Sent in by Terry Winchester

Aerial photograph of the Presidio of Monterey

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Pictures taken in Vegas on Friday, 3 May, 2002 by John Brown of Billy D, Jackie, Jeanne Brown, and Stu
Pic 1 Pic 2

Mickey Lanty sent in this picture


Current Pictures of the Bill Carlisle Family

Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4
Pic 5 Pic 6 Pic 7  

Mike Cohen sent this picture from his trip to Khartoum in 1983

From Left to Right is Jesse Carrera, an unnamed Omaha guy, Claude Bennett , Jimmy Prickett, Gordon Bunn and Mike Cohen. 

Pictures submitted by Rick Gehrke

  Poseidon's Temple Poseidon's Temple from distance The Bloom-Berrey's
Vouliagmeni Beach Baron's first drink in ? years Katy Bloom foiling the paparazzi Party at TJ & Pulsar's 1
Party at TJ & Pulsar's 2 Party at TJ & Pulsar's 3 Party at TJ & Pulsar's 4 Party at TJ & Pulsar's 5
Party at TJ & Pulsar's 6 Party at TJ & Pulsar's 7 Party at TJ & Pulsar's 8 What's Knoppie doing? Party at TJ & Pulsar's 9
TJ showing squadron spirit at Asilomar, '86 Dr. Abboud's cafe in Pacific Grove Keeping Jack Daniel's in business Pulsar, Bo, Bob, and Maggie
Another one of Poseidon's Temple Housekeeping, bachelor style (Laramie's Cave) Sourmena skyline Sourmena roadwork
Mick defies photographer Mike Laramie learns a trade from Fotis at Oscar's Trafalgar's TJ, the early years
Jim Glasgow at his military best   Dave, Dave, Craig, and Half of George Christmas Party
Maggot Driving to the Harmonic Convergence - guess which idiot used the camera flash? Mike and Melissa Chamberlain Sourmena rooftops
Picture from the air - starboard Picture from the air - port The Pulsar Family - recent The Pulsar Family - another one

Tom Kimberly sent in pictures of the aftermath of the Bobby's bar bombing.
Thanks, Tom!

First Picture
Second Picture
Third Picture
Fourth Picture

Pictures of Billy D and Jackie Taylor in Richard Petty's Car!

Billy D in Car
Billy D beside Car
Jackie in Car

More really great pictures circa '75-'78!  Many thanks to Tom Ramsey!

Inside the building
MSgt. Tom Ramsey at his desk inside the building
Another Inside the building
Another photo showing MSgt Ramsey and another maintenance technician working on a tape recorder
Technicians repairing equipment in the maintenance building.
The crew is completing equipment preflight.
In the back, MSgt King appears to be collecting tickets and making seat assignments

Many, many thanks to Katy (Bloom) Bunderson for these wonderful pictures!

Three Guys at Party
Girls, Girls, Girls
Party Pic
More Guys at Party
Another Party Pic
Three More Guys

Another picture sent in by James Dull.
Thanks, James!

You'll Need to Tell Me What it is!

Picture of Cecil Hill and Lonnie Henderson sent in by Cecil.  Thanks Cecil!

Cecil and Lonnie

Great pictures of the plane and crew circa '75-'78!  Many thanks to Tom Ramsey!
(Comments by Tom)

MSgt Charlie King is shown preflighting the AN/UYA7
Digital Communications system. This was a very early version of e-mail
A crew during premission briefing. They have just
received word that there would be an in-flight movie
Inside the aircraft the crew put on their mission
faces and check the in-flight meal
The front end crew. Here is a photo tip; never take a
flash photo of the cockpit right at lift off.....or at touchdown....or
during a night refueling. The people in the cockpit have no sense of

Pictures of Bravo Flight taken in ,76 or '77.
Sent in by Gary Beadle!  Thank you, Gary!

Bravo Flight
Picture of patch done by Pete Wroblewski in '75.
Thanks, Pete!

Pictures sent in by James Dull.
Thanks, James!

7406th 1962
American Embassy

Pictures of Tomcats sent in by Dave Cantolina!  Thank you very much!

Another Tomcat
Pictures of the base and Greece as they are today.  These pictures were sent in by Dave Warbritton!  Thank you so much, Dave!  Here is what he wrote:
Glyfada is completely different!  Trafalgar's is still there, but it has been
refurbished into a giant disco that incorporates the old Oscar's.
Bobby's is now a pool hall.  Sussex II is a restaurant.  Jester's is now an
upscale bar.  Flannigan's turned into JJ's before we left and is still there,
but is completely redone.  The Debt is a photo developing store now.  Sussex one
is the only thing that hasn't dramatically changed.
The base is open for anyone to go on.  It is now a charter flight terminal.
Several of the pictures show some of the familiar sights.  The softball field
will be the baseball field used when the olympics are staged in 2004.  The rest
of the place is tremendously dilapidated.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20

Reunion 1999 Pictures sent in by The Browns!  Thank you very much!

Frank Simpson and Larry Cheatham
Cathy and Roula
Jackie and Mike Plus
Cathy and Roula's daughters
Shawn and company
Cliff and Janie Koonce
Taylor and Russel sons
F. Simpson and Family
Gomer Kevin and Dwight

Group 1
Group 2
Jessica Scott
2 Moms and a Daughter
Ken and Bert
Chow Continues
Ken and Larry and company
Chow Time
OPs Listening to the Maintenance Man

Shawn, Britta, and company
The Next Taylor Generation

 Pictures sent in by Jerry Coffman!  Thanks you, Jerry!

Arid Farmer
Flight Line
Crew Rest
Post Office

Dave Cantolina sent in this picture of an F-14.  Thanks Dave!

Congratulations to Mick and Kim Travis
on the Birth of their new son, Sean!!!!!!

Mike Browning sent in this picture of
a squadron patch from 1975.
Thanks, Mike!

Scot Clyde sent in these refueling pictures.
His buddy took them during a Souda rote.
Thanks, Scot!

Picture #1
Picture #8
Picture #2
Picture #9
Picture #3
Picture #10
Picture #4
Picture #11
Picture #5
Picture #12
Picture #6
Picture #13
Picture #7
Picture #14

Picture of the bird and the flight crew on November 21, 1975
500th Mission of the 6916th
 Sent in by Michael Browning (Thanks Mike!)

Picture from an Old Mini Mind (and more to come!!!)
Thank you, Mike Olsovsky!!!
Maggot & Child

A really good picture of the base in the 70s sent in by Mark Watjen (Thanks Mark!).

Pics of Tim and Clare's Greek Easter Parties

Laton, Heidi and Emily F. - 1997 
Clare J. - 1995
Bob and Debbie E. - 1996
Elisa K. - 1995
Tim J. and John McC. -1997
Furgy and Cindy G. - 1995
Heidi F. and Iver N. - 1996
Stormy L.and Jimmy A. - 1995
Katie B. - 1996
Father Pat - 1995
Iver N., Eddie B. and Bob E. - 1996
Bo and Florence B.- 1995
P.J. M. and Chris C. - 1995
Don B. - 1995

Charlie Crew Patch

General Pictures
The Skeens
The Stiversons
Joey and Daughter

Memory Lane

Oscar's Bar Dart Team
Mike S., Ricky, H. Mike G., Jacob, Martin, and others
Troy D. at RRR Halloween Party
Colonel E. at Beach Party
John S. looking Cooool Man
Ed C. and Doug D. at Party
Ted P., Tim C., Britta O., Mark K., Shaun D. and Kevin H. at Party
Dave R. in Athens
Jay D. Stan C. and Dave W. at Party
Marco A. at Party
Don K. and Dana M. Dressing Up as Elves to Entertain Kids at American School
Laton, Heidi, Ivan and Katie at Christmas Party '88
Jerry B. in Altitude Chamber

Ricky H. (AMT)
Billy D. (Souda Sep 91, Fun Pub)
Carl H. (Fun Pub, Souda)
Cracker and Rusty (Fun Pub, Souda)
Daryll V. and Dave B. (Fun Pub, Souda)
Knox's, O'Connell's, and Wickert's
(ESystems) on a tour boat in Santorini

Knox's, O'Connell's, and Wickert's
(ESystems) on a tour boat in Santorini
Flipper Race
B.C. and Shoe at Spatial Olympics
Bert and Lt. Els
Pie in the Face for Rolf
Crowd at Olympics
The Eggcatch
Ernie in Cart Race
Ernie in Cart Race, Part Deux
Gomer Covered in Pie
A Better One of Gomer Covered in Pie
Jay and T.J. and Pie
John B.
Maggot Covered with Pie
Another Pie Pic
Stu and Bill in Shopping Cart Race
Stu Dancing
George W. Covered with Pie
A special thanks to John Knopp and Scot Clyde for sending in these pictures

Base sports day ??
Left-Right:  Digman, Maggot,   Pearson (?), Furgie, Knox, O'Connell
Cookout at sports day?
Mick Travis and Matt Moffatt (?)
Furg and Capt Harthcock
Tom Holden and B.C.
4,000th mission
Stop sign from Eskan
"No Barking" from Al Kharj Tent
City - Morale tent
The Skeen family at Disneyland

Some Pictures from Newbie



The Shoes
Charlie Crew in 1990
Bill The Cat

Drew Anderson and ?
Chris Stephens
Jim Naus
Terry Striking a Pose!
Who's this?  Any guesses?
Mike Olsovsky and Tim Finn doing unmentionable things

Baron and Heidi at Renaissance Festival
From left to right: Bill Christian, Sally Christian,
Gene Willard and Jo Ann Mangano.
Taken July '98 in Las Vegas after Gene and Jo Ann got married.
Picture curtesy of John Knopp - Some old Raiders at RAF Mildenhall about 1994.
As near as he could tell, from left to right:
Dave & Jana Wurtz, Scot Clyde, Les Purnell, Tim Smith, Rich Marks, Stivey, Unidentified female, Tom Depuy, Tom Dibert, Knoppie, Ed Cordell.
Squadron Picture Taken in 1989
Curtesy of Dave Cantolina (Thanks, Dave!)

Congratulations Tim on your promotion!!!!
Pictures from TJ's Promotion Party
Joey and T.J.
Emily, Stormy and Eddie
Knoppie and Kincaid
Jim and Heidi

Pictures Curtesy of Mark Watjen.  Thanks Mark!
6916 USAFSS compound (1976)
Larry Simpson (1976)
B-Team Baseball (1984/85)
B-Team Baseball (1984/85)
B-Team Baseball (1984/85)

Pictures Curtesy of Baron Brock.  Thanks Baron!
Maggot making sno-cones at People's Fest (mid 80s)
Change of Command Ceremony (1985)
Change of Command Ceremony (1985)
Scot, Mike, Tom, Steve and Baron at Steve's Wedding (1985)

This Picture was sent in by Gene Willard with the following note: " . . .a photo of a crashed C-135 called Rivet Ball.  I was the AMS on this bird in Jan '69 when we crashed during landing at Shemya returning from a mission.  I subsequently spent three tours at Athens but this was my first AMS job.  No one got hurt in this incident but, sadly, some of the guys with me that day were only a few months later also on Rivet Amber, which went down without a trace.  Amber was flying the same time as we crashed, but she was waved off due to a snow squall and flew on to Eielson.  I thought it might be interesting to the gang." 
Thanks for sending it, Gene. 

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