Ivan W. Berrey

October 22, 1962 - September 13, 2000

The life of the party and the crowd, bringing a laugh to the Gods now, we can only hope. Ivan used to talk about the New Year's Eve party he would put on for all of his friends, get us all back together for a turn of-the-millennium bash. But for Ivan, this party is over.

Ivan was a guy who had a tendency to not take life quite seriously enough to suit a lot of people. He was struck by lightning as a child, by the same bolt that killed his brother Walter. Maybe that was what gave Ivan that extra charge that made him stand out, an aura of confidence that after surviving Thor's wrath, nothing on this earth could hurt him.

Fare you well, old buddy! Hopefully whatever life comes after this one will treat you more kindly, because you surely deserve it. I'm proud to have been your friend.




Empty Glass.mp3


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